Batch of quite unique figured ash, on the wildwood page of the website.


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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    I’m not sure how decay from insect damage is considered figured wood…? I see no grain figure

  2. Patrick Baxter
    Patrick Baxter says:

    Hi Tom, ah! the mystery of it! beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say; I am not forcing anyone to like or buy any particular piece of wood, I merely offer them up and they sell (that one in the post has sold already)…it is the thousands of customers who have bought wood like this from me over the last few decades that have been going mad for wood like this that i used to burn that have stopped me burning it and have now got me selling it to them, often for quite high sums and they are the ones who come up with most of the terminology i use. All my current stock is customer led and differs hugely from the square edged, knot free, plain timber I used to use and supply, and I must admit I am now using such timber in my own custom furniture these days, when customers wish it and I can see the attractiveness of such wood because I know what it will look like when filled appropriately and beautifully polished. Rot, insect holes and splits are all appreciated these days as character and can be made sound with the use of epoxy resin etc where necessary. For those that like their timber more traditional, i always carry a certain amount of square edge clean timber, so I hope I can cater for most tastes, however wild and waney is what people mostly come asking for these days and I am most happy to supply it!

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