I am delighted to announce the arrival of the long awaited latest version of the Lanarkshire Hardwoods website and along with it a fresh new trading name – The Wood Place,  which covers all our woody goings on here!  The old website will remain in place for about a week until we are sure all is working ok and thereafter www.lanarkshirehardwoods will automatically redirect to Existing contact details remain for the timebeing.


Please feel free to browse the new site and note the new filters to aid selection and the account system which gives you access amongst other things to a points type discount structure.  There are several new product categories such as ‘Table & Worktop Sets’ & ‘Shelves’ to further assist selection. We have added Paypal to the secure card payments system so you have 2 payment options now.  I still have more products to add but most of the current stock is now on and I will be adding more each week to the new site but not the old.  There are new furniture galleries set up but not yet complete and some other info to be updated but new year seems the right time to get going!   All changes to the old site are as a response to feedback and customer requests or difficulties,  please feel free to offer feedback on the new site,  good or bad!

Thanks are due to my web designer Andy Evetts @ Rycramweb for setting this up and his extreme patience!

Yours, Patrick@thewoodplace!

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  1. Lachlan Nicholson
    Lachlan Nicholson says:

    Hi Patrick I would like to join the chat about timber as I have resurrected my previous time as a carpenter joiner. My first project will be a equine tack box for my daughter any ideas of best timber to use as the box will measure 600mm X 1200mm X 400mm deep appreciated.

  2. Patrick Baxter
    Patrick Baxter says:

    hi lachlan, i have just updated the tuition page on the website for 2016, unfortunately it means no availability this year but am putting in place measures to allow me to do a lot more teaching from next year.

  3. Patrick Baxter
    Patrick Baxter says:

    really anything you like the look of that is available in the right sizes, although more stable timbers such as birch, sycamore, ash or any quarter sawn ones will give less problems

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