Patrick Planing Ash boards in the machine workshop

This was the batch of ash boards which were on the trolley in the machineshop for the open day weekend and which are now planed, priced and on the website. These pics show some of the processing involved handling these boards which started off at about 75kg each before planing.

I start with loading the boards from the wood store onto a trolley and hauling it across to the machine workshop,  then there are 2 or 3 passes over the surface planer, usually 4 passes through the  thicknesser, rotating the pair of full/empty trolleys round the machine each time,  some flipping over & round and about matching up any bookmatched sets,  some resawing through the big bandsaw to cut edges on where appropriate then about 2 or 3 passes over the surfacer again doing the edge planing  and finally cross cutting before they go over to the wood shop for weighing, grading & pricing & photos and then positioned in the shop for sale.


That makes about a dozen to 15 lifts of each board and then there are a good few more when the board sells,  especially if it needs to be dispatched.   There is about a days work for me in the machining of a trolley load each week or two and another days work pricing, cataloguing and getting it all on the website.   There is therefore quite a difference between the price of a rough sawn board and the planed, trimmed & delivered board product we do typically at The Wood Place.   Always happy to sell at the rough sawn stage too,  for those who can visit the premises store, select and take boards away themselves.

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