We can offer a fully fine sanded finish with Danish Oil, Hardwax Oil or alternative polishes, as an additional service to our planed board or coarse sanded board standard products.   

  • Cost varies, please ask for a quote.  Guide is :   £450 per square metre for areas under 1 square metre.   £300 per sq m for areas of 1 sq m but under 2; £200 per sq m for areas 2 sq m and over.  Price inc vat

We can normally carry out this service in a 4 to 6 weeks lead time window but  we are currently (autumn 2021) full up and not taking on any new finishing or manufacturing orders.IMG_0387

What gets done: One good face and both ends and both edges will be fine sanded & polished (unless it is a shelf with a back edge against a wall. The bottom/reverse face is supplied just coarse sanded and coated with just one coat of polish,  unless otherwise agreed.  DSCN5115 Bark on waney edges is normally removed as standard.

The quality of our finish: Please note full sanding and oil/polish services are carried out to a very high standard similar to the furniture being made by Patrick Baxter Furniture in the workshop – see our furniture gallery.


How to work out square metreage:  as the sizes of the boards are listed in cms on the website,  you can estimate yourself by multiplying the length by the maximum width and then divide by 10,000 ( or x 0.001) if working in cms or just multiply metres together.