Finish Sanding and Polishing

We can sometimes offer a fully fine sanded finish with Danish Oil or alternative polishes. 

We can normally carry out this service within 4 weeks.   Ends and edges, one good face and one bottom/reverse face just coarse sanded.  Oiled finish is on one good face and edges 2 or 3 coats,  reverse 1 coat.


Our Partners

Other providers of additional services to our boards, those I can recommend to provide a high quality service for Board Joining, Finish Sanding and Polishing, Machining & Cutting, high class Joinery projects, Kitchens or bespoke Furniture Making. Read more….

Woodworking Tuition

Groups of 4 £16 an hour each,  currently Saturdays for at least 4 hour blocks.  One to one £32 an hour,  flexible timing, currently offering blocks of 2 to 3 hours weekday daytime. All inc vat and refreshments & lunch for groups. Top quality hand tools will be supplied or bring your own for inspection as to suitability.  Timber supplied free of charge for Essentials course only.    A benchspace is supplied for each student. Read more…


Delivery Times :

We aim to have your goods delivered within one week of receiving your paid order.

You will normally receive an email the day the goods are dispatched to say so.  

Read more….

Lanarkshire Store

STORE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – our sawmill premises in Lanarkshire has a shop / store / showroom open to the public at the times listed on the Home page. All the website stock is available to be browsed and purchased there.  Additionally there are hundreds of offcuts not on the website.. Read more…

Finishing Supplies

For almost all things you make with our wood it will need to be at least lightly sanded and then have some kind of polish applied –  Liberon’s Superior Danish Oil being the most common. Read more…