Last week we trialled a safe system of customer collections with a few local customers and are pleased to announce that we have now re-introduced the COLLECT IN STORE  button on the website shopping cart for online orders.

We have created a dry storage and collection point at the entrance to our big green shed, the sawmill and air-drying shed.  Goods ordered and paid for online will be moved down to this collection point by Patrick in time for your uplift.  There is a locked barrier gate to prevent vehicle access to the area but this will either be opened just before your expected time of arrival or on your arrival.

You park up at the sign-marked place at the entrance to the shed and can load up your goods in the open air.  Patrick will be around, at a very safe distance, to verbally confirm who you are and ensure you get your goods as ordered.  No need to sign anything.  Please keep your distance.   If you are likely to need help loading your goods please try and bring a family member to do so.  If absolutely necessary with very heavy boards Patrick can don PPE and assist loading and will expect you to wear a mask.


Unfortunately we are not yet prepared to allow customers into our shop area.  We have several high risk family members.

Please adhere to the agreed collection time as closely as possible.

The 30% off Shipping offer has now ceased.

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