New Stock rough sawn boards – YEW

IMG_0341latest big batch unloaded out of the kiln is YEW,  approx 27mm thick rough sawn,  mostly double waney edged boards 150 to 300mm wide,  wider in places, all from Manderston Estate at Duns in Berwickshire;  IMG_0342all lovely quality yew with no shake except right at the very central heart of each tree.  lengths 2.4 and 3m.  Some I have planed already for the shop stock and it is finishing between 20 and 25mm thick,  average 22mm. IMG_0343 As usual these boards are for callers only but a large number of them will gradually be planed up and end up for sale to all on the web shop pages.  price for rough sawn dis approx £1750 per cu m / £50 per cu ft,  depending on grade and sizes and quantity,  plus vat.  Can be delivered if you come and select.  There is a full kiln load,  approx 6 cubic metres / 200 cubic feet.IMG_0340

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  1. Spencer Scott
    Spencer Scott says:

    Hi I’m looking to use oak to go round the top of walls instead of coving (flat to walls where it meets ceiling ), the rustic look do you have any suggestions please approximately 150mm x 60mm x 3000mm

  2. Patrick Baxter
    Patrick Baxter says:

    Hi Spencer; good idea! not seen that before but why not. Unforunately I have nothing longer than 2.35m oak at present. Next batch ready in a few weeks or so is same, 5cm thick approx and 40 to 50cm wide.

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