Event – Discussion and Talk at Biggar Museum on The Dalkeith Palace Architectural Model made by George Meikle Kemp in 1831-2, Thursday 10th August 2023

UPDATE : The Dalkeith Palace Model Talk on 10th August at Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum by Patrick Baxter is now fully booked at 24 people – very many thanks for all your interest across the different media. If anybody would still like to attend another one, there may be time to arrange one before the 3rd September exhibition break down – just let us know.


EVENT – Discussion and Talk by furniture restorer Patrick Baxter at Biggar Museum about The Dalkeith Palace Architectural Model made by George Meikle Kemp in 1831-2



Thursday 10th August 2023, 6-7 pm

Doors open 5.45pm for 6pm prompt start.

You can chat with Patrick or read the wall displays or view the video recordings of Patrick working on the model, while waiting for the start if you are early.

The event will finish at approx 7pm depending on volume of questions, sometimes we run on until 7.30, but you are free to leave at any time – it is a moving, standing event although some seats will be available for those in need.



Biggar Museum, opposite the Townhead Cafe chippy at the east / Edinburgh top end of the town.  Free parking.   https://tinyurl.com/biggarmuseum



*** By INVITATION ONLY – open to anyone but due to limited space you must please contact Patrick Baxter first to reserve your place(s).  First come first served.   ***

Email patrick@the woodplace.com or message / phone Patrick on 07748 638214 to reserve.



The event is FREE but you are asked to express your appreciation by kindly leaving a DONATION of your choice in one of the numerous highly visible donation boxes in the reception area or just outside the exhibition room.

As an independent trust and registered charity the museum receives no Government funding so has to raise all its income. 

Alternatively visit the museum Support Us page to donate remotely  https://www.biggarmuseumtrust.co.uk/volunteer-and-donate/



Patrick will talk about George Meikle Kemp, focussing on his incredible craftsmanship and explain via the wooden parts and the displays of old tools the methods used in the 1800s to carry out the work originally;  this will be compared with the probably very similar traditional methods used by Patrick and his team to carry out the extensive restoration of the model for owners Buccleuch Estates, running to 3000 hours work between 1993 and 2001 approximately and another 300 or so over the course of the last year.

There will be discussion about the layout of the proposed building and what the various rooms would have been used for – Patrick has floor plans detailing the use of each room.

There will be discussion about the man that Kemp was, his unusual habits and abilities.

There will be discussion about the various types of timber used.



The audience is encouraged to join in the discussion throughout as we wander around the Special Exhibition Room viewing the model and the various exhibits on display around the room associated with the model and George Meikle Kemp, architect of The Scott Monument.

*special feature* – There will be numerous opportunities to handle actual spare parts, both new and Kemp’s originals, which are normally behind glass and see inside some of the components.