Free Event : River Table Epoxy Resin Workshop Demo & Discussion Afternoon Tuesday 20th August 2019 1.30pm at The Wood Place

Free Event : River Table Epoxy Resin Workshop Demo & Discussion Afternoon Tuesday 20th August 2019 1.30pm at The Wood Place

To be held at The Wood Place premises,  Lanarkshire Hardwoods, Girdwoodend Farm,  Auchengray,  Carnwath,  Lanark ML11 8LL.



Shop open 10am – 3pm and again after the Demo period.

Bonus feature:  Informal tours of the sawmill & workshops 1.30pm – 3pm

River Table Epoxy Resin Workshop Demo 3pm – 6pm


Format :

Free, relaxed & informal,  with maximum interaction with visitors anticipated and hoped for.  Teas, coffees & biscuits provided free of charge.



To assist with planning we would be obliged if you could express your interest in our facebook Event post,  or else drop us an email to say if you are coming,  [email protected]


River Table Epoxy Resin Workshop Demo & Discussion:

3pm until between 5 and 6pm anticipated finish time.


Held in the ‘HANDSHOP’,  Patrick’s cabinetmaking & teaching workshop;  if you don’t know where that is located,  you can gather at the Shop and we will come and show you along just before 3.  If you are late,  the handshop is accessed through one of the yardside doors into the long white building where the path alongside it narrows.  There is room for approx 30 persons standing,  with a number of stools for those who need.

Who’s who:

Demo / workshop hosted by PATRICK BAXTER,  Patrick Baxter Furniture,  cabinetmaker of 30 years and experienced for decades in the use of general purpose epoxy resin for filling splits, holes, cavities etc,  transparent & coloured and in finishing & polishing;  also experienced in manufacturing various types of River Tables for decades –  but NOT so much in making the modern style deep fill epoxy resin river tables!

Guest  – DAVIE SLOAN,  a customer of Patrick’s and keen furniture maker,  experienced Epoxy Resin River Table maker,  using tints, colours and enclosed LED lighting to create innovative eye catching designs. Davie exhibits his furniture in some local galleries and is currently working on a new collection.  He is generously bringing along some of his most recently completed pieces as well as some ‘in progress’ pieces which we will do some more to on the day. Davie will lead the demonstrations.

Technical Expert : NIGEL ALLATT of ALCHEMIE,  leading resin suppliers to UK industry and manufacturer of the exceedingly good UV resistant deep fill resin which we stock in The Wood Place premises store specially for top quality river tables.  Nigel, a keen woodworker, will be around to offer technical advice on the resin we will be using and happy to answer any questions.  Limited stocks of Alchemie Epoxy Resin will be available to purchase,  or can be ordered.

And not forgetting,  YOU !  :  we encourage and hope to have visitors who will have plenty of epoxy resin experience,  maybe more than us,  and are happy to chip in as and when with tips and advice for other river table enthusiasts.    There will at least be plenty of opportunity for questions and general discussion.  We also hope to allow some physical interaction with pouring resin or adding tints,  sanding & polishing etc.


What are we going to see, do & discuss :

  • How to accurately measure and mix resin, with required room temperature.
  • A pour of a medium size coffee table river table,  using a hard mould,  with colours and effects.
  • How to make a mould / tray, release tapes, silicone etc.  Demoulding one we made earlier.
  • A top coat applied for a glass finish.
  • Dealing with bubbles & dust.
  • Sanding, Polishing & Finishing techniques.
  • Finished & polished tabletop and furniture examples.
  • Wood prepared or suitable for River Tables will be on view and available to buy in the premises store before and after the demo,  with offcut examples for practising with from £5 for a metre long live edge plank through to prime stock in the many hundreds of pounds.

Informal tours of the sawmill & workshops 1.30pm – 3pm :

Patrick will be happy to show visitors around the premises,  highlights being

  • the new LucasMill planing machine for wide slabs and the wide slab sawmill
  • and the Forestor Sawmaster,  each capable of handling boards 6m long by 1.7m wide.
  • We also have the medium capacity Forestor Tom Sawyer electric static sawmill;
  • a 160kg vacuum lifting appliance with a 3m radius swing arm, currently positioned to work alongside the LucasMill.
  • 6 tonne lift manitou heavy telehandler, 4 tonne lift sideloader, 2.5 tonne gas lift truck.

In the machine workshop there are the machines with capacity up to approx 600mm wide boards, surface planer, thicknesser, sander, crosscut, table saw, resaw etc.

The airdrying shed holds a large stock of neatly stacked timber airdrying for many years;  the finishing kiln may or may not be able to be opened depending on what the load schedule is,  but can be shown & discussed.



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