some more pics of the coffee table we made recently for the new showroom / shop area using some of our figured olive ash;  2 boards bookmatched and then mitred and folded in 2 places to create a waterfall effect of grain flowing over the edge of the table;  we (or should I say David in the workshop who made this one) filled the splits with epoxy resin with a little dark pigment added for a mysterious depth to the fill and then some laburnum butterfly keys were cut and fitted,  more for effect than out of necessity.  Now I see it complete I would like to add a smaller single one up on the top in the smaller ‘tail’ of epoxy,  which I think would just finish it off nicely.  Liberon danish oil finish.

It will be for sale but haven’t worked out a cost yet…the seating area and table are to create a more relaxed shopping / browsing experience at the same time as showing off some of the wood in its finished form.

More of our furniture can be viewed on the gallery pages http://www.thewoodplace.com/galleries/ although there are many more recent pics not yet on there so scanning through the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lanarkshirehardwoods/photos   is the best place to see more recent work.

IMG_0718 IMG_0725IMG_0724IMG_0723IMG_0721 IMG_0720IMG_0717 IMG_0715

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