Rough Sawn Boards Stock List 12.4.23

Rough Sawn Boards Stock List 12.4.23

Please contact us for an update, more info, pics if available and prices, where they are not shown here.  The pictures accompanying in the product gallery show an approximate view of many of the items listed below.  The tree and board numbers are in some cases written on the boards.

Viewing and sales from the premises only.  We rarely conduct board sales remotely as we like the buyer to see the degree of potential flaws in a board which cannot be appreciated from photos.


BEECH, SPALTED / COLOURED 25mm 2.1 and 2.4m.  Square Edge & Single Waney Edge.  Flat and dry, approx 2 cubic metres available.


BEECH 32mm 2.7m. Square Edge & waney edge.  Fairly straight and generally white, some coloured heartwood. Board widths up to 350mm.

YEW 32mm, various lengths around 3m.  Square Edge & Waney. Provenance Hopetoun Estate.

ASH 32mm, 2.7m and 1.45s. board widths up to 370mm.  Single waney edge and square edge.  White and Olive brown.

ALDER 32mm, 2.7m, narrow boards, pale.

LIME 32mm, 2.7m, single waney and double waney edge boards, character grade / pipp, approx 200-300mm widths.


SWEET CHESTNUT, BURRY 63MM 1.8m, WIDE SLABS around 700mm -1200mm double waney character, full of ripple & burr. Provenance Hopetoun Estate.

BURRY OAK 63mm, 1.5m, 2.2m lengths, most 500 – 600mm wide, wild burry edges, some rot; some distortion in seasoning so most will be planed flat before selling.  Good and dry throughout, 5 years air drying plus 3 months slow kilning,  7-9% range approx.  Provenance Culzean Castle, Ayrshire.


ASH 75mm 1.8m Square edge and single waney edge boards from various trees, white and brown, mostly up to 400mm wide.

ASH 75mm  Tree No. 1537B.  2.1m. 600 – 700mm Single Waney, Brown / Olive, bow shape edges.

ASH 75mm  Tree No. 1537C.  2.1m. 650 – 1000mm Double Waney Crotches, with rustic holes and rot but good dark rich colour.

BURRY ELM 75mm Tree No. 1354C 2.1m. 300 – 500mm wild Waney edges, dark rich colour, split heart, some rot.

HORSE CHESTNUT 75MM 2.4m. Single waney, partly dead/soft, wild burry edges, flame, ripple, burr, colourful.

POPLAR 75mm 1.8m, 200-300mm widths single waney edge, light pipp, streaky markings.


BEECH 100mm. Tree No. 1224A.  2.4m.  3/400mm wide Square Edged and 7/600mm wide Single Waney Edged. Nice figure

BURRY ELM 100mm. Tree No. 1357A.  2.4m. 2/200mm wide Single Waney Edge, nice burrs.

ELM 100mm Tree No. 1328A. 2.4m. 4/500mm Square Edge. Quite sappy. A few pipps.