Temporary closure of the Lanarkshire store

The Lanarkshire premises store of The Wood Place is now CLOSED until further notice.

Our long established online shop, www.thewoodplace.com , continues to operate as long as the couriers do.

We can facilitate safe handovers of website-purchased boards for those who wish to collect and can do some local deliveries ourselves.

We will continue to get more and more boards up on the website, as soon as they are ready, as we have done for the last decade or more, no change to operations there, but will additionally offer a bigger stock of the smaller and cheaper offcuts normally only available in store.

Patrick will also make extra time to talk by phone or discuss via email your requirements.

Contact him initially by email, patrick@thewoodplace.com , to arrange a phone discussion if required, or phone his mobile if you have it – if you have purchased from us before it is on the invoices, also business cards and in the footer of replies to emails (but is not published, to avoid junk calls).

We will also endeavour to do the best possible deals for combined shipping – just ask if you have a few items you would like.

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