The Wood Place covid operational status January 2021

The Wood Place covid operational status January 2021

 news as of 5th January 2021:


  • Wood Sales –  online web orders will continue as normal.

We have had web sales as 50% of our core business for a decade or more now and an e-commerce website for wood since 2005 so the current trading conditions do not present a problem to us and our usual high quality service can continue. Once the snow clears at the weekend as is forecast we will be able to clear the backlog and rapidly process any new online orders for DELIVERY.  The vast majority will be carried out by our tried and tested network of professional couriers.

CLICK & COLLECT – we can continue to offer safe collection of pre-paid orders placed via our website or otherwise (over the phone, whatsapp etc).  Please advise us when you are collecting and try to adhere to the agreed time of arrival as closely as possible.  Patrick will then bring the goods out to your car or leave them on a trolley etc in the yard,  weather permitting.  Please do not enter the buildings.  If your arrival is not recognised immediately, please phone Patrick’s mobile which will be on the pre-order paperwork or communications.  Obviously pay attention to the govt. guidelines as to your ability to travel to visit us.  You can be assured though that we will have sanitised hands above and beyond the call of duty when handling your goods (we have a copious supply) and mask wearing is taken very seriously at this end,  for your safety as well as ours.


  • The Retail Woodshop at the Lanarkshire Premises ML11 8LL will be closed.

The shop will be closed until,  currently,  the first week of February.  There is a raft of Scottish Government guidelines, laws etc published on the subject of non-essential retail, shops and trades (see link below) and although the loopholes such as ‘homeware’ suppliers have been closed down there are maybe still a few get-out clauses for a lot of similar businesses to ours who wish to keep their trade or shop counters open.  However we do not feel that this is helpful in the current uncertain conditions and wish to support our Scottish Government with doing everything we can to reduce transmission rates by restricting unnecessary movement of people so we will continue to class ourselves as ‘non-essential retail’ and be happy to keep our retail shop building closed to trade and public until otherwise notified.  Thus the earliest opening would be 2nd February but it is quite likely this will be extended.


  • Furniture Commissions,  Antique Restoration,  timber table & worktop etc manufacturing,  sanding & oiling jobs etc will continue as normal.

Patrick will continue to take on as many workshop jobs as possible and may have slightly more time than usual to do so if not operating the retail shop in this period.  However we are already working on a busy orderbook of workshop projects ahead and so there may be long lead times.


  • Tuition, courses, open workshops etc continue to be unavailable.

although at times in 2020 we were possibly allowed to operate the tuition side of the business (‘Dovetails’) we refrained from doing so as the conditions – distancing, mask wearing etc were too contrary to a pleasant atmosphere in the workshop that we like to provide.  So no change at this stage.  We are keen to commence the new and improved – and much cheaper – structures for Dovetails that were outlined on the website a year ago ( ) as soon as it is both safe to do so and able to be provided in manner that creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.    Anyone interested in being first to be informed about new courses etc is invited to send an email to be put on the enquirer’s list.  Email [email protected]


  • Sawmill and timber production continues.

The operation of the sawmill, wood machining and kiln loading and unloading is continuing as normal to ensure a healthy future stock of wood in the pipeline for years to come.

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