new concrete work area – new sawmill

another stage completed yesterday after weeks of preparation, 250 square metres of concrete laid by the hard grafting boys from Graham Irvine Plant Hire, Peebles,  who did a great job preparing the groundworks this week and laying the concrete yesterday with the aid of my telehandler & bucket.  They were a pleasure to have around.  I had spent a solid week before that emptying the shed and clearing the decks.  I had to disconnect the kiln and lift the 4 tonne box over to the other side of the shed with the telehandler and chains and shoe horn all the equipment and racking etc that was used around the sawmill into the other side of the shed where the wood sits airdrying.  The new concrete is partly for the new big sawmill to sit on and partly to enable much easier and efficient working around the 2 sawmills,  lifting, shifting & stacking on a smooth flat surface which can be easily cleaned.  It will be a good month before the concrete is hard enough to move the kiln back and connect it up and generally be driving around on it with forklifts etc. IMG_2593IMG_2607 IMG_2610IMG_2605IMG_2612IMG_2621IMG_2622IMG_2629IMG_2637IMG_2566 IMG_2569 IMG_2573

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